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Our focus on claims contribute us to provide consistently comfortable service to our clients.

Claims Adjustment
BUNDA has proficient team for claims settlement, which main tasks are:
  • effective and regular communication with all parties during the claims process;
  • professional and fair expertise;
  • prompt and simple loss adjustment procedure;
  • short claim indemnity period.

Every your request will be answered properly and without delay. We will inform you what information and documentation we need for claim handling and help to collect it. Upon receiving all necessary documents to determine the fact, causes, circumstances and consequences of an insured event and to calculate the insurance benefit, we pay the insurance benefit as soon as we can approve it, without waiting provided 30 days from the date of receiving the last necessary information and/or document from the Policyholder, the Insured Person, the Beneficiary, state institutions or other natural persons or legal entities.

We are guided by fairness and reasonableness criteria, so no insurance benefit could be paid for uninsured events.

Report a Claim

In case of Accident, please complete reporting form below:

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In case of a claim, please contact us:

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Procedure and Related Documents

Preliminary list of documents we may need in case of personal accident is stated below.


  • completed Personal Accident Reporting Form: LT-EN , LV-EN ;
  • Personal information consent form LT , EN , LV ;
  • consent for the Processing of Personal Data LT , EN ;
  • an accident at work report form (if applicable);
  • documentary evidence of the accident issued by police, a fire and rescue authority or another competent authority (if applicable);
  • documentary evidence of the insured event issued by a medical establishment or forensic examination findings (if applicable).

In case of Injury

  • Statements issued by an inpatient or outpatient treatment establishment specifying the diagnosis, the nature and duration of treatment;
  • A documentary proof of the issuance of a sick-leave certificate or a certificate of absence from an educational establishment;
  • An X-ray or its description in the case of bone fractions.

In case of Disability

  • Certificates issued by a medical establishment;
  • Documentary evidence of disability, working capacity or special needs (degree thereof) issued by a competent authority.

In case of Critical illness

  • Document issued by a health care institution and confirming the diagnosis, anamnesis documents, description of examinations and treatment showing the date when the illness was diagnosed for the first time and whether the illness meets the criteria specified in the description of critical illnesses.

In case of Accidental death

  • Certificate of death.